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long lake

Long Lake Conservation Center

Long Lake Conservation Center is located in Aitkin County in North central Minnesota. Established in 1963, it is one of the oldest residential environmental learning centers in the state.

The campus is situated on 760 acres that is a combination of glacial moraines, bogs, hardwoods and conifers. All this is located around Long Lake; a 130 acre lake. The diverse and varied ecosystems and topography make it a perfect place to bring people to learn about our environment and conservation.

Long Lake Conservation Center is committed to insuring our future generations make good choices about what happens to our environment. It is publicly owned and operated by Aitkin County.

Long Lake Has 760 Acres Canoeing at Long Lake Conservation Center Teaching and Educating Environmental Sustainability

energy sustainability

In 1985 to the late 1990's, highly efficient wood burning furnaces were installed to heat the full campus facility. Use of CFL lights in all buildings to help with conservation energy. Current project to heat all domestic hot water through solar applications, reducing dependency on grid energy.

Current/ future installation of energy efficient LED lights into outdoor campus lighting that will also be powered by solar applications and energy monitoring systems to give data on the new applications and how they are reducing Long Lake's carbon footprint.

environmental design

Retrofitting of several of its buildings with new doors, windows, and insulation to help improve the energy efficiency of these buildings.