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GE Lighting

GE Lighting helps calculate money saved by switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

Household Emissions Calculator

The EPA's Household Emmisions Calculator lets you estimate your greenhouse emissions and how to reduce them.

Food Waste Management Cost Calculator

The EPA's Food Waste Management Cost Calculator estimates the cost competitiveness of food waste disposal alternatives.


Opower works with energy companies to track your energy so that you can easily compare, compete, and discover with friends. Opower has already helped save tens of millions of dollars on energy bills and in the process stopped more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Food Waste Management Cost Calculator

You know how to get from point A to point B but you don't know the way to do that while emitting the least amount of CO2. That's what HootRoot is for. Taking second place in the Environmental Protection Agency's Apps for the Environment Challenge, HootRoot pulls its data in from sources like the EPA, the Energy Information Agency, and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to show users how to tackle a route to minimize how much they pollute.

mobile apps

Light Bulb Finder

Light Bulb Finder (free) makes it easy to change from conventional bulbs to energy-saving equivalents.
for iOS or Android


EnergySaver ($2.99) analyzes your energy and water usage to help identify your energy consumption habits.
for iOS or Android


Verde ($0.99) analyzes your resource usage, demonstrating to the average user how to save energy and money.
for iOS

Green Charging

Green Charging ($0.99) makes your phone vibrate and sound an alarm when it's fully charged to save energy. It also displays how much talk time you have at your current battery level. This app is handy because phones and other devices can use up a significant amount of energy even when they're no longer charging. Unplugging electronics when you're not using them is a good green habit to develop, and this app can help you get into it.
for iOS

Green Gas Saver

Green Gas Saver (free) tracks your driving habits and warns you through gauges and sounds if you accelerate too quickly or take a turn too hard. The app saves your score from each trip to help you improve over time. It's a good way to become a better driver overall, in addition to saving on fuel costs. It uses the accelerometer to detect sharp turns, but it may also use GPS to constantly calculate how fast you are going, which could make it a battery hog.
for iOS


You might not have a smart car, but if you have a smartphone, your car – and you – can be more intelligent about fuel consumption. The greenMeter ($5.99) takes advantage of an iOS device's accelerometer to measure any vehicle's fuel and crude oil consumption, power, and carbon emission. Users enter in a few details about their car, the type of fuel they use, and the weather and the greenMeter is good to go. Drivers can monitor greenMeter and adjust acceleration to get the most mileage out of their tank based on its feedback.
for iOS


GoodGuide (free) is designed to keep you on the straight and narrow when you're out shopping. The app grades cleaning products, personal care items, packaged food and beverages, household goods, and even clothing based on health concerns, environmental impact, and social responsibility. App users scan the barcode of products and get back the score of these individual components and an overall rating.
for iOS or Android


With iRecycle (free) you have the choice to recycle something or read something. If you go with the latter, you'll get news and tips from the environmentally-focused organization Earth911 and if you go with the former, you can find the closest locations to turn in all manner of automotive, construction, electronic, garden, glass, hazardous, household, metal, paper, and plastic items. The app handles all the sorting and separating, ensuring that each type of odd and end ends up in the right place.
for iOS or Android


Eating local doesn't mean the deli on the corner. Consuming seasonally-grown, locally-produced foods is the healthy choice personally and environmentally. Locavore (free) gives users information on what's in season and directs them to farms and farmers' markets to pick up fresh produce and then suggests ways to prepare the harvest.
for iOS or Android