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deep portage

Deep Portage Learning Center

Deep Portage Learning Center is located in north central Minnesota, it's 60,000 square foot campus situated amid glacial moraine hills and lakes on 6307 acres of forested land. The oldest campus buildings date to 1979.

Approximately 10,000 students and several thousand drop-in visitors come to Deep Portage each year to take part in environmental and conservation education programs. Deep Portage is run by the Deep Portage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non–profit.

Environmental Building Design Sustainability Through Learning Education and Outreach

energy sustainability

In 2009, Deep Portage installed a wood gasification system for heating and domestic hot water, cutting their propane consumption by 75% in the first year of operation and reducing their carbon footprint by 80 tons. Conversion of 100 CFL lights to LEDs, and changing 80 T12 florescent tubes to 25% more efficient T8s.

Reduction of DPLC's Carbon Footprint by 80 tons Wood Gasification System Environmental Learning Education and Outreach

education and outreach

Educating and informing visitors through tours of our featured technologies and sustainability options.

Offer classes on conservation and alternative energy use.